How to keep money from being the enemy of happiness and transform it into an ally of fulfillment


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We've discovered in our work with people that one of the biggest sticking points in people's lives is money.

Issues with money often cause strain in marriages, conflict between parents and children, and animosity with friends.

An inability to manage money can affect how we feel about ourselves... making us feel inadequate.

And money can cause us to feel anxious. Do we have enough? Are we prepared to retire? Can we pay for our kid's college tuition?

Wouldn't it be great if...

Money no longer came between you and anyone you care about... and instead you finally knew how to talk about money in a harmonious way with your significant other, your family, and even your friends?

You could change your relationship with money so that that your self-worth was no longer determined by your net worth?

Your fears about money could be transformed into excitement about aligning your finances with your heart's deepest wishes about how to live your life?

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We'll reveal insights that we've previously only shared in our live 2 and a half day workshop such as:

  • The three myths of scarcity that keep you from being fulfilled with what you have and the surprising truth that frees you
  • A major habit that causes your desires to grow faster than your income... and the change in perspective that allows you to break this cycle
  • A five-minute practice that will wake you up to a life of true financial abundance
  • How knowing the difference between transformation and conventional change efforts can make the difference between short-term improvements and lasting benefits

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Dave Ellis